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October 25, 2006

What’s New in Firefox 2

Improvements to the user interface, security tools and options forcustomization, combine to deliver a rich, engaging, safer and moreproductive Web browsing experience for all.

Spell checking. Modern Web sites are increasinglycomplex with the rollout of new, rich Internet applications, such asword processors, spreadsheets and blogging tools. Inline spell checkingin Firefox 2 automatically checks for spelling errors and suggestscorrections as users interact with Web sites, bringing a common desktopfeature to the Web.

Web feeds. Firefox users can now take betteradvantage of the frequently updated content offered by Web sites, withincreased options for handling Web feeds. Users now see a preview ofthe content being offered and are given the option to subscribe to afeed as a Live Bookmark, using a Web service such as Bloglines, MyYahoo!, or Google Reader, or with a desktop application.

Identity theft protection. In addition to itsaward-winning safeguards for blocking drive-by installation of spywareand unwanted pop-up windows, Firefox 2 helps protect users fromidentity theft by quickly informing them when they surf to aquestionable Web site. To protect users’ privacy, Phishing Protectionis active by default with a local blacklist that updates hourly, ratherthan sending information to an external online service. An enhancedmode is available where users may optionally elect to have Firefoxcheck the validity of Web sites with a third-party Web service, such asGoogle, prior to loading the site. Phishing Protection provideswarnings, advice and guidance when Firefox encounters a Web site thatappears to be fraudulent or malicious.

Customization. No other browser can be customizedlike Firefox 2. With thousands of add-ons that enhance the browser’sfunctionality and features, Firefox lets users personalize their Webbrowsers to fit their interests and style.

For more information on Mozilla Firefox 2 and how it delivers an easier, faster and safer online experience, visit

Firefox2 Raises the Bar for Online Experience

الاصدارة الجديده من فايرفوكس٢ أكثر من رآئعه و مستقرة و جميله و أكثر أماناً – بدون فايرفوكس لا توجد ويب 🙂 .

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