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October 25, 2006

Freevo is an open-source home theatre PC platform based on Linuxand a number of open-source audio/video tools. MPlayer and/or Xine can be used to play audioand video files in most popular formats. Freevo can be used both for a standalonePVR computer with a TV+remote, as well as on a regular desktopcomputer using the monitor and keyboard.

Freevo is easy to download and install for new users. Most hardware issupported (graphic boards, sound cards and video capture devices).

The Freevo core is under heavy development. It is mostly written inthe Python programming languagewhich is very well suited for high-level control applications likeFreevo.

This figure shows the main components in a Freevo system. Many partsare optional, a monitor with X11 can be used instead of Video/TV, thekeyboard can be used instead of a remote, video in is not required,etc.

Freevo | About Freevo & Current Status

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