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November 11, 2006

phpMyVisites 2.2 stable (Default branch)

ScreenshotphpMyVisites is a Web traffic analyzer with very detailed reports and advanced graphics. It is not an Apache log analysis tool. phpMyVisites createsits own logs, and it allows access to more complete statistics. phpMyVisites provides information about visitors, page views, visitor follow-ups, countries of origin, software configurations, referrers, and much more. It alsoincludes a powerful administration andconfiguration tool.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
A PDF generation file containing all statistics was added. An “Average Visits per day” statistic was added along with support for HTTPS secure Web servers. The first day calendar and the default language can now be customized. 150 new search engines were added. Many improvements were made.

برنامج يقوم بعمل تقارير تفصيليه عن موقعك و عدد الزيارات له و بلد كل زائر بالإضافة الى معلومات كثيره أخرى .

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