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Free good UNIX/Linux resources online

November 17, 2009

For anyone interested in UNIX/Linux and want’s to improve his knowledge in this field or just try it.

Linux: Beginners – Intermediate
Ubuntu  – if you’re looking for a Wandos replacement with nice looking for your PC/Laptop.
RHEL – the great RHEL documentaion for Servers/Clusters and many others
Fedora – On the edge RHEL compatible and Red Hat sponsored version with nice looking for your Laptop/Desktop.
Debian – the most stable GNU/Linux for Desktop, Server, Cluster and embedded solutions with nice look just like ubuntu.
Slackware – slackware is the plain GNU/Linux for the intermediates who wants to dig deeper in UNIX world
Gentoo – gentoo is your hand made home, do it by your self as you like and the easy way .

UNIX: Intermediate – Advanced
PCBSD – PC-BSD is the Desktop/Laptop Oriented BSD system with nice and easy to use look.
FreeBSD – FreeBSD – Berkeley System Distribution is one of true UNIX systems available till now with modern desktop apps.
OpenSolaris – Open Solaris from Sun microsystems is the free version of Solaris and compatible with it.

NOTE: if you just want to try/learn any or all of them without affecting your system you can use VirtualBox and install what you want on a virtual machine.

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