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how to enable realtek ALC275 built-in mic in fedora 14

September 1, 2011

I know that F15 is there since long time (about 3 months ago), but i hate Gnome3 UI and like to stay with gnome2.x .
the following is the summery of enabling built-in mic in most Intel-HDA codecs unsupported in F14 and specially Realtek ALC275 which is in my VAIO VPC111FX .

in short – i used the latest F15 src.rpm of kernel-2.6.40 , alsa-utils , alsa-plugins and pulseaudio to update the kernel and sound sub-systems to get built-in mic working.

it’s all went fine till the kernel package installation, here rpm will complain if you have akmod or kmod installed – just use –nodeps option to skip and after reboot every thing is working fine even the kmod-nvidia for proprietary geforce driver.

one thing to mention is the new kernel replaces the original ones that may be installed but it’s working so fine 😉 .

I assume you know how to use rpmbuild and how to satisfy the build dependencies of each packge, it’s a long process and you will install many packages needed to build those really needed, if you want i can upload my built pkgs online so save you the time and effort, just let me know 😉 .

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